DRC Projects - Western DRC - FTL - Fuels Transport and Logistics
Fuels Transport and Logistics is a company incorporated under the law of the Democratic Republic of Congo fully owned by Medea Development SA.
FTL, Pipeline kasumbalesa lubumbashi, pipeline moanda matadi, refinery moanda, strategic storage masina, strategic storage lubumbashi, ftl pipeline, south intaking system, Système intégré de transport et stockage au Sud de la RDC
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Western DRC

Present Fuels logistics

SEP Pipeline built in 1924-1956
Storages built as from 1910
Shuttling: 3 boats of 2,000 cm each
Cargoes to Matadi: max 15,000 MT

FTL - DRC Project - Western DRC - current

In order to improve the present logistic, the existing system needs to be refurbished by replacing new pipelne section and by installing new pumping facilities

New Proposed Infrastructures

  1. Multiproducts pipeline (Moanda Refinery – Matadi)
  2. New Refinery in Moanda
  3. Offloading marine system (offshore buoy-Moanda Refinery)*

* In conjunction with the New Refinery