Careers - FTL - Fuels Transport and Logistics
Fuels Transport and Logistics is a company incorporated under the law of the Democratic Republic of Congo fully owned by Medea Development SA.
FTL, Pipeline kasumbalesa lubumbashi, pipeline moanda matadi, refinery moanda, strategic storage masina, strategic storage lubumbashi, ftl pipeline, south intaking system, Système intégré de transport et stockage au Sud de la RDC
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One of the priority of FTL is the professional growth and the empowerment of our people, the protection of health and safety and the development of a positive working environment that can offer equal opportunities based on merit.


The Company’s Projects in DRC will bring new employment to the regions in the constructionoperation and maintenance sectors.

The Job creation will be partially organized through direct employment as well as through different subcontractor activities. To this end FTL is looking for skilled people in the fuels transport and storage sector for positions mainly in the construction supervision, operation, maintenance and commercial administration (management of transport contracts).


FTL is committed to developing the skills of its management and employees, in DRC and abroad.