DRC Projects - Southern DRC - FTL - Fuels Transport and Logistics
Fuels Transport and Logistics is a company incorporated under the law of the Democratic Republic of Congo fully owned by Medea Development SA.
FTL, Pipeline kasumbalesa lubumbashi, pipeline moanda matadi, refinery moanda, strategic storage masina, strategic storage lubumbashi, ftl pipeline, south intaking system, Système intégré de transport et stockage au Sud de la RDC
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Southern DRC

Present Situation

FTL - DRC Project - Southern DRC - current

Southern DRC is currently supplied by trucks from Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania across the Kasumbalesa border. The trucks deliver the fuels to private depots for local distribution in DRC or, in some cases, directly to the Likasi-Kolwezi mining sites.

New Proposed Infrastructure

FTL - DRC Project - Southern DRC - new proposed

A new integrated pipeline and storage system to handle the totality of the imported volumes.

It will provide anefficient logistics at a competitive cost, it will improve the control over the imported volumes and relevant fiscality (customs and excise) and it will reduce the dangerous road transport.

Social Interventions and Projects

Two social projects will be implemented in the area in conjunction with the new proposed infrastructure (south pipeline)

Medical center in Kasumbalesa
School in Lumata(1)

(1) Example